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Special requests and projects
Business customers will benefit from our expertise, especially if the requirements are getting very specific. Firstly a sticker seems to be a simple product. Nevertheless there will occur a lot of questions referring to the right material corresponding to a convenient surface. Think of vehicle to facades lettering, advertising signs even in XXL-sizes, sales campaigns or product labels.

Ideas and Inspiration
There is a big variety of stickers and decals. You may think of:

  • Product labels
  • Promotional stickers
  • Labels 
  • Window stickers: Frosted /Etched window film, inside window sticker, static vinyl, one way vision film
  • Facade lettering
  • Billboards
  • Light boxes 
  • Floor sticker with light or strong adhesion 

Beside the common used white of clear films, you will find a lot of specialised films, which can be used for extraordinary projects. Here you will find a range of very specialized films.

Ultra destructible, ultra removable, easy apply, asphalt film, wall decals, anti slip laminate, anti graffiti laminate, Fluorescent & reflective film, chrome, glow in the dark, specialized film banners, canvas and textile, opaque white ink for transparent vinyl or contour cut stickers. Please feel free to extend this list with your own project.

Dr. Sticker as creative partner supports you to convert your ideas into pictures. Send us your ideas via to get a free offer.