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Interior film Dark Multi Wood

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Interior foil Multi Wood XP114

This Multi Wood XP114 is a foil with a beautiful wood look that ensures that your walls, doors and furniture can hardly be distinguished from real wood. With a tactile structure and a distinctive grain, this wood-look foil is a fantastic alternative to environmentally damaging solid wood furniture.

This high quality interior foil is heat resistant, scratch resistant, stable, durable, low in maintenance costs and has a water-repellent surface. These are qualities that ensure that the film stays in daily use.

With not only visually realistic looks, but also tangible structures, our interior films are three-dimensional films that show more than just a printed image. Due to the three-dimensional quality of the foil, the foil looks like real leather, wood or stone decor with the same kind of tactile structures.

The interior foil has a special strong adhesive layer that will not damage the surface and which can be completely removed even years later. Water and steam have no effect on the quality of the film, even along the cutting edges. And because of the protective top layer the foil is resistant to scratches and cleaning agents.

Product characteristics:


400μm to 700μ

Fire protection


Heat resistance

Up to 110 ° C